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To beat utterly and completely at something (including and especially life in general).

To get shitslammed:

To perform extremely poorly on a test. To get beaten badly at a videogame/sport/etc. Basically, to be completely overwhelmed by something.
"I thought I was going to do well on that test, but I just got shitslammed."

"I tried to send my knights around to trample his archers, but they got shitslammed by his pikemen before they could ride ten feet."

"Shitslam that guy!"
by Matthew Hunter January 25, 2007
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The act of fuckin' dat ass so hard, it's slamming against all the shit still dwelling within' that bitches butt... Tell that ho to go shit.
"Fuck the pussy... I wanna Shit Slam pronto."
by Nick Borrelli December 15, 2008
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