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When one has an epiphany while sitting on the toilet. Usually while defecating.
Dan, while sitting on the toilet, had a shitpiphany and decided not to marry that chick.
by frail_otis November 04, 2009
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A sudden realisation that feels grand and momentous but really isn't.
Hey man, you remember that scene in Point Break when the chief tells Utah that he's young dumb and full of cum? I just realised thats so much more offensive if you say it about a lady.

Wow, you just had a real shitpiphany didn't you.
by T-Drizzle-Lizzle September 07, 2017
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The startled feeling you have when you realize, too late, something you should/could have done differently, and usually blurt out,"Aw, shit, I could have {insert missed action here}";often occurs while gaming.
We were playing Munchkin last night and I had a shitpiphany when I remembered, too late, that as a Ranger I could have made the cyclops into a steed instead of fighting it.
by theMotherDog October 14, 2010
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