What one (figuratively) eats when suffering a particularly humiliating, galling or bitter defeat. From the ugly "taste in one's mouth" that is the result of such a defeat. Similar to eat shit, but representing an overall defeat rather than a single setback or mishap.
Billy-bob thought he would beat Jimmy-Joe in the annual cousin-fuckin' contest, but he ran out of spooge toward the end and he ate shit pie.

Billy-Bob: "yo, cuz, you win that race from Hooterville to Mayberry?
Jimmy-Joe: "Goddamn Dukes of Hazard showed up in General Lee, so I ate shit pie, Dawg.
by 6079 Smith W March 22, 2005
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adjective -- describes something nasty or worthless (esp. food)
Supposedly some people love SPAM, but that stuff is straight shit pie.
by Bad Billy August 28, 2003
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n. An expletive used to denote an intolerable or absurd situation. From the film "Drowning Mona," in which a character tells Bette Midler, "When life gives you lemons, make lemonade." Her classic response is: "Well, what if life gives you a pile of shit? What do you make with that? Huh? Shit PIE?"
"My kid's flunking Algebra for the third time? Well, Shit PIE!" (May be one word as well, i.e., "shitpie," but two words allows for superior written emphasis)
by Moe hisownself April 02, 2007
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The Term Used By Management To Describe A Member of Staff In An Organisation Who Only Thinks Of Themselves And Is Not A Team Player
Fitzgerald, There Is No "I" In Team, But There Is In "Shit" And In "Pie", And You Sir Are A "Shit Pie!!"
by Hazel+Chris October 10, 2007
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