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Someone who seems to have no other purpose but to aggravate those around them. Shit-rakers are one level up from asshats. Because these people have so much experience in being shitheads, raking shit would be a career that caters to their special skills. Dickheads, haters, or anyone who is excessively annoying can also be labeled a shit-raker.
contra5 gives redheadchick22 a compliment on a drawing they did of two men kissing each other, but disagrees with the meaning behind it.

rambos-lover bashes contra5 and calls him an overweight, bible-thumping, dogmatic yokel, because he agrees with the meaning. contra5 did nothing to invoke these aggressions, so rambos-lover would be considered a shit-raker.
by liquidscorpion October 23, 2009
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