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What a girl!.......Shirina is a complete queen, but will mess with your head boi! She will have you wrapped round her finger, but will never dare to ever let u think she likes you. She also has u gain skits with her mind games because she either angry with u or flirting with u. You will always have that spark with her and will never forget her. But if u wanna wifey her u gots to ask her out or tell her u like her, don’t mess with her head or u will be forgot in a heartbeat. But ngl she probs likes u and will say yes, so just go for it!!!
Yoooooo!! Boi do u know if Shirina likes me?

Just go for it and say u like her before it’s too late

But what if she don’t like me?

Omg it’s obvs she does and she will 1hunded say yessss!!
by Just some gallll May 24, 2018
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