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Shiptar is a slang word, used by the Serbs, Macedonians and other slavs for albanians. Albanian on alb language is called Shqiptar, so "shiptar" derives from that, but it's mainly used as an insult, not just a term of expression.
Oh you are looking to the shiptar news again..
F off, u shiptar... etc...
by Strahinja G. May 26, 2006
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A dirty, smelly, tooth missing, ugly, unemployed Albanian who is a virus of a human being which lives in other peoples countries in europe and feeds off of them like a parasite. Very good at low wage jobs like stone masonry, and cleaning up the feces of superior races.
Albanians in Macedonia, Serbia and Montenegro, Italy, and Greece.
by Makedonia za Makedoncite April 17, 2005
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A Shiptar is basically a human parasite.

It is a disease that infests the southern Balkans region of Europe. Specifically in Kosovo, Western Macedonia, Albania and Greece.
These parasites are thought to originate from Turkey and the middle east.

Often confused with gypsies, criminals, beggars and the mentally handicapped. Shiptars are severely backward and under developed creatures and are well known for their lack of education, culture and poor hygiene.
Shitpars can also be clearly identified through their physical appearance. Due to their rampant inbreeding and incestuous behaviours, Shiptars often have severe facial and mental abnormalities and appear toothless and incoherent.
Very few Shiptars can actually hold down a job and most have extremely low IQs
Most are involved in small time criminal activities or begging.

The more educated Shiptars graduate to more serious crimes such as murder, drug trafficking and terrorism.
The only good Shiptar, is a dead Shiptar.
What is the fastest thing in Kosovo? A Shiptar with your TV
by nthbeach November 12, 2010
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