Used by fans of the TV (short lived) show Firefly, to describe an idea/something that one likes (instead of saying brilliant, awesome, cool, neat, rad...?).

Shiny is used especially if the idea or thing is new or bright. Not used so much to describe old things or things that look old.
That big damn movie Serenity was so shiny!
by Chiya April 8, 2008
Any object in a video game that exists (usually solely) for the purpose of collecting it. So named because of the objects' tendency to shine or glow.
"You've died at least five times while trying to get that shiny! Damn your shiny lust!"
by Cehrazad January 1, 2010
A slang term for "great" used in the television series "Firefly" and the movie "Serenity".
Voice #3: "Shiny -- A slang term for "great" used in the television series "Firefly" and the movie "Serenity".
by Voice #3 August 14, 2009
a positive way of describing someone who has ADHD
I'm shiny and so is she so we always have trouble co ordinating.

I'm proud to be shiny!
by Y_96 November 25, 2016
(adj.) referring to a style associated with many gay men that puts strong emphasis on neat personal grooming, fashionable clothing and effervescent social interaction; sometimes generalized to refer to gay males in general.

(Coined, as far as I know, by my ex-wife, an actress, as a code of sorts shared with her circle of gay male friends and picked up by her many straight friends, as well.)
"Is that haircut shiny or what?"; "Don't go gettin' all shiny around me"; "Do you think he possibly could be, oh, I don't know....shiny?"
by The Urban Observer August 21, 2009
Killjoy slang term, basically a synonym for cool
"Hey, I managed to snag a super shiny pack of multicolored eyeliner yesterday- wanna try some?"
by salemruinseverything September 12, 2020
A girl who is very attractive to the point where when she walks into a room, the sentence which was coming out of your mouth drifts off into mindless mumblings. comes from the fact that guys are distracted by two things, hot girls and shiny objects, hence shiny girl.
"ok, i really dont understand what to do with matrix in (girl enters room) maba lemer cma.... dude that girl is so shiny!"