Shinade is an unique person. She is an extra ordinary Individual with a graceful personality. She is special In A way like no other. She is so loving smart and kind. She pure out her soul to everyone she meets whether u deserve it or not she treats everyone equally. U will fall inlove hard for shinade not only for her beautiful face smile or eyes but because of her beautiful soul.

Shinade is beautiful inside and out with the strength of a lion.

She will warm your heart and u will gravitate to her spirit so easily. No matter how tough u think you are shinade will find that soft spot in u. That spot you never knew you had. She is real some might say she is an angel it's not impossible to believe... Her characteristics are that of an angel . She doesn't stand for foolishness. She will never try to hurt you but don't judge a shinade to be weak. If u hurt a shinade that will be the quickest that she will erase you n forget about you like u never exist. She forgive easily but take her to appoint where she no longer desires you then she will let you go. And once you are gone. There is no way ever that u will be luck enough to get back in to Shinade life. You just lost a rear gold. A beautiful soul that u will never find again. So dont loose your luck. Hold on tight to shinade. She is to treasure.
Your soul is a shinade
by SHYSHY SAS February 18, 2018
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