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A terrible animator with his head up his ass. He is my friend though so I have to respect him. Oh man I really hope my account doesn't get taken away from me again. I nearly cried like a little bitch last time :(
Shin you're such an asshole >:(
by Lotus January 08, 2005
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Actually a decent flash animator, but a needless to say crybaby. He really does let a lot of petty things bug him, IE any random person who is more successfull than him. He got pissed off about my front page and kept repeating how I was "Turning into HAcoreRD" so finally he got "Fed up" with me and said i suck.
Ultra gay porn, cuz thats all shin likes...that and hentai.
by Tootbook December 23, 2004
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Someone I think I should meet and I hope has gnutella hooked up to that hentai he has.
Shin2k27 <= my sensei.
by VOCOR_ARCHIVE_SYSTEM January 24, 2005
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