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When you sit on and fart into a throw pillow, then smack your friend or foe in the face with it. Depending on the material of the throw, the results can be remarkable. When properly executed, you can rip a disastrous bomb into the pillow, rip it across the room nailing someone in the head--and not only do they get doused in stench, but none of the residue remains in your area.

The key is compressing the pillow before you fart, then unloading your weight as it comes out. This causes the pillow to ingest all the surrounding air. Some shillows can hold the stench for 15 minutes in perfect conditions, giving lots of opportunity for a sneak attack.
Steve enters room, Dave & Jim are sitting on the couch

>WHAP!< throw pillow hits Steve in face thrown by Jim

"Ugh, bastard, you startled me!" Says Steve, then suddenly "OH CRAP, what's that smell?!? (dry heaving) I can taste it! Was that a shillow??"

"Hmm.. that's odd.. I don't smell anything over here. I don't know what you're talking about." Jim plays it off legit.
by H. Bobs August 14, 2009
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