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Shifanapa is a hybrid term fusing together the two place names Shifnal (a small town in rural Shropshire, England) and Ayia Napa (a Spanish holiday resort popular with British youths). The term is now used in jest instead of the correct place name of Shifnal as that town has recently become infested with the chavs, pikeys and telfs that are normally associated with Ayia Napa. Also, the term is used to ironically describe the Shifnal nightlife in comparison to the busy resort of Ayia Napa. Both places also smell like toilets on a Saturday morning.
Girl 1 'Where are we going tonight'?
Girl 2 'Just Shifanapa'
Girl 1 'Can't we go somewhere else for a change? The Shifanapa chavs scare me there, although the guys in that pub called 'Seven' are very sexy'
by dan(paste) June 14, 2007
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