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The absolute bitch. The creator of everything feminist. An absolute buzzkill. Shenaenae is a breed of women who originate from from the roots of New York. You can usually find them in cubicals, at a 7 story building trying to save enough money to go to more frat parties. They usually are heavyset and can range from many skin tones but mainly Hispanic and African American. When approached, can be feisty creatures unless a substantial amount of alcohol is in there system. If enough alcohol is in there system could also be a desperate intoxicated male's mate for the night. Once finished, the wasted male will lay opposite of the drunken Shenaenae, and regret every decision he has ever made but is so wasted he passes out. once woken up by the loud fart coming from the Shenaenae, the hung over male will gather his wrinkly belongings, and stealthily exit the Shenaenaes territory. If spotted the male will go through several hours of gruesome bitchiness and whining. But if escaped will call a cab and return to his territory
Shenaenae is bitching to her friend about her ex in 5th grade
by i am albatraoz February 28, 2018
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