the classic "oh shit!" in the words of a suspected 70 year old german lady

see Phony like a CAT
oh sheit

davido:babss the plane is going to crash
babs: oh shiet
by babss September 08, 2007
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a sheit is a cross between a she,he,and it aka a thing.another meaning is if the person is gay,straight,and is also attracted to animals all at the same time.
He is such a sheit you can't tell if its a he or she! man1:hey you wanna have a four sum with me you my friend and my pet chicken??? man1'sfriend:yeah! woman1:HELL NO YOU SHEIT!
by the journal September 17, 2013
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a beautiful chunky peice of brown sheit. (known as shit).. and it comes out of a asshole full of dry shit that you did not wipe.
by December 14, 2021
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Feces that covers and dries on your penis after anal sex
I always get a sheit cast after I have sex with my girlfriend.
by October 11, 2021
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