A combination of shit and shite with a Teutonic twist. Pronunciation is similar to shite. Usage in this way does not imply that the subject is more shit, it in fact implies the inverse, it is made for all of the lighter uses of the above linked words.
Mang, Skid Row's first album is some good sheit.

I'll send you this sheit in the mail.

Wow, He-Man, I haven't seen this sheit in years.
by Bernhammer July 13, 2005
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a word used in online gaming because of mature language filters. means the same a shit.
player 1: sheit, i died cause i stood in the fire man.
player 2: lets quit playing this sheit.
by sizzurpluver July 01, 2015
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a sheit is a cross between a she,he,and it aka a thing.another meaning is if the person is gay,straight,and is also attracted to animals all at the same time.
He is such a sheit you can't tell if its a he or she! man1:hey you wanna have a four sum with me you my friend and my pet chicken??? man1'sfriend:yeah! woman1:HELL NO YOU SHEIT!
by the journal September 17, 2013
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