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an event or "escapade" when one goes to someone else's farm (or your own, if your lucky) to pursue shilfs or other ugly sheep that aren't really that attractive but just can provide a one night stand. you know, a sheep you can sex up and not call back later. one of THOSE.
An: Hey wanna join in on my sheepscapade tonight? I heard Howards is on vacation, we should be able to get in his farm EASY.
Matt: No thanks, man. I'm off the shash for a while.
An: You mean you believe all that about Sheefer Madness? It's all cropaganda!
Matt: No, course not. It's just that...
An: Just what?
Matt: I think I got Baaa pregnant.
An: You mean that one curly haired ewe down in Johnson's farm?
Matt: Yeah...
An: Oh shit man oh shit oh shit.
Matt: I don't know what to do man. Everytime I pass his farm on the bus SHE's looking at me. I know she knows it's me.
An: This is getting too serious for me, I'm outta here.
by BAAAAAAAAAA October 29, 2008
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