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a thoroughly and unmercifully annihilated pussy, normally achieved when an amply-sized man takes the largest and sharpest part of his body (usually the penis) and proceeds to rip and stab the vagina until it becomes completely mutilated and dysfunctional. Bleeding is not uncommon, as the vagina typically tears, and the girl never experiences any degree of pleasure. The gyrations and the thrusting of the mammoth throbbing cock destroys the lining of the hitherto intact vagina as well as the outside genitalia. While in the process of getting her pussy demolished, the girl typically experiences indescribable amounts of pain, and exclamations of intense physical torment are commonly heard. Afterwards, the pussy becomes completely useless for any sexual activity, as the girl is unable to feel pleasure anymore, and the colossal hole left behind could not stimulate the largest dick on the whole fucking planet.
1) "Oh shit Jake! Your dick is WAY too big. I don't want you to turn my cunt into sheebar!!!"

2) After her sexual encounter with Jake, she was unable to walk for a week and found that her pussy had turned into sheebar.
by jakecman January 11, 2010
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