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The shebit is a shy and rarely seen creature, with wide nocturnal eyes and pale skin. By avoiding daylight, this curious mammal shuns the waking world and prefers instead to inhabit its darkened den. This lair normally takes the form of a large bedroom with heavy curtains (never opened), numerous plates from midnight fish finger sandwiches (the Shebit's preferred snack) and the continual whine of a computer (the Sheit's only link to the outside world). However docile and retiring this animal may appear, do not approach its den before the sun sets! For the Shebit is vicious and you may not get out alive.
(As all mothers are likely to say from time to time) "Stop sitting about in this dark room! If you don't open those curtains you will turn into a Shebit!!"
by moose_biscuit May 11, 2004
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