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An insult to a big, loud-mouth, skanky, trifling female. A she- gator has bad grooming and and wears dirty or tacky clothes. A she-gator loves to draw attention to themselves through loud, boisterous behavior. A she-gator annoys everyone around them.
Standing in line at McDonald's you find yourself behind a she- gator talking on the cell phone and ordering at the same time. Meanwhile the line next to you is moving fast cause the inconsiderate she-gator won't shut the fuck up.

The obese she-gator at the amusement park got thrown out for arguing with the roller-coaster operator cause she couldn't squeeze her huge ass in the seat.
by Grape-Drank January 08, 2012
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A crabby female whom is so moody that she would eat her young if provoked! Her agitation and moodiness is usually heightened by her time of the month. Watch out!
Hey girl don't be such a shegator!
by J...C November 14, 2010
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