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the nicest hottest girl in the room that will make your day. her radiant face will light up your life and her happy attitude is surely to lift you up off the ground. also plays the cello.
shavaun is the best girl friend a guy can have
by logan the bassist September 23, 2010
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A amazing little girl who knows herself. She is a weird funky confident person who is always high-spirited. Shes totally chill and down for mostly anything;) She never lets anyone destroy her spirit. If you like a Shavaun then you better snatch her up quick. Everybody wants to be her and she likes everybody. She is hot, smoking hot. With lots of booty and a curvy waist all the guys secretly want her but keep their distance due to fear of rejection. She is very smart and admirable. You can always ask Shavaun for advice and she will have an well thought out anwser. Shavaun is an Amazing person to be around. She is a very popular, likable girl. All the boys like her and all the girls want to be her friend. She is confident and friendly.
boy* hey look! its shavaun! shes looking hot as usual?

boy 2* OH MY GOD SHES DAMN HOT! i want to go out with her so BAD!

boy* Why go out? make out!

boy 2* NO WAY! shes too innocent to do that

boy* True

boy 3* i wish there is more then one shavaun so we can all date her

boy 4* damn that ass...cant we share maybe?

all boys* YES
by JHOPSSS June 10, 2015
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