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When a video game creator has sufficiently expanded his world, lore, and story lines so the player can create their own narrative. They can comfortably move from place to place, experiencing the world and lore without ever needing to actually follow the main narrative of the game.

If a game is not appropriately shandified while still offering you an open world to explore you can be left with questions that break your immersion. Questions such as: "what do they eat?", "where do they sleep?", "where do they poop?", etc.

If a game has sufficient shandification then there will be farms, bedrooms, toilets/outhouses, access to clean water, etc. The world and lore will be sufficiently expanded upon to allow you to continue your own narrative creation without breaking your immersion.

This word was created by MrBtongue on his youtube video about Shandification in Fallout.
Pokemon isn't shandified enough! They have no bathrooms at all, how do they pee and poop, it makes no sense?!

I like the shandification in Fallout 4's settlement building. Settlements having crops and access to fresh water just make sense. Now if only the whole game had sufficient shandification.

I'm working on shandifying the game I'm creating so that it has a full lore and a world that makes sense when the player explores it.

For me, shandification is an important thing to consider when deciding to buy a game.
by Z0mbieLily February 06, 2017
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