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An innocent girl who is amazingly sweet. She is known for her beautiful eyes and long brown hair. Shes intelligent,sexy,smart,notselfish,and trustworthy. person. They will give up anything that is everything for a person they loved. A Shalena will try to make everything better when things are down.Shalena wouldn't mind if people loved her or hated her because if they hate her they can hate her butt she will try to still love that one person. Shalena will never let someone give up. They know that everyone has a desstiny and she will help them succeed. A Shalena is very loving, All those shalena try not to brag about anything. But they don't like to look down on themselves.
1. a rad girl living in los angeles california

2. an incredible girl under the age of 25

3. A beautiful voice

That girl is a total shalena.
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