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Shagtheflag is abbreviated slang for someone who is wholly consumed by his or hers own nation or country. A colloquial term used to describe a lower than average IQ individual who's moronic die hard patriot views cloud true judgement.

One might find that if questioned or antagonised by zed individual about his or hers patriotic views they will always be 100% "in the wrong" and that any criticism to his or hers birth place or source of patriotism will be scorned for doing so.

Your best bet is to avoid any and all conversation with such Muppets and realise that your +20 IQ really makes it nonsensical to engage in conversation with monkeys.
My countries army, navy or air force is better than everyone else's!

Ok then Captain shagtheflag.

This country has the best economy.

It is illegal for you to shagtheflag.

We have the strongest currency.

I Sense a hint of shagging-the-flag

My flag looks prettier than yours.

Next I will see you humping the flag.

I have a raging hardon for this flag.... insert flag of origin here "......".

I am more like captain jack sparrow I sail for myself unlike you captain shagtheflag.
by JackSparrow109 October 04, 2012
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