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A variation of America's Pastime, baseball. The only alteration is that instead of there being a coach located next to first base giving instruction there is a cooler full of beer.

The rules go as follow:

1. A base runner who successfully reaches first base is required to take a beer from the cooler upon arrival to (or passing of) the base.

2. The runner has the liberty of drinking their beer at any point while they are on the base paths. They don't have to run and drink at the same time or try any particular maneuver. If there's a foul ball or a long AB, they can still drink.

2.1. (**Note: shafeball purists may limit beer to only be consumed while the ball is in play, rather than at any time. Rule #2 can be determined based on the ground rules of the shafeball field the game is played upon).

3. Said runner unable to cross home plate until said beer is finished. If a runner crosses home with beverage in their container, they are automatically ruled out. No ifs, ands, or buts.

Given the alcoholic nature of this sport it's highly recommended that it be played with whiffle balls and a whiffle ball bat in order to avoid injuries.

Some variations of shafeball may incorporate dizzy bat being performed by a batter before they swing at a pitch, but again this is a ground rule to be determined by the team's partaking in the game of shafeball.

Recommended # of innings - 5
Recommended amount of beer - 2-3 cases (anticipate having an average of at least 3 beers per player).
I went 3-4 in shafeball and now I REALLY have to pee.
by Admiral tinker July 20, 2015
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