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The opposite of a Social Smoker. A person who smokes by themselves. Generally Marijuana; but not limited to the latter. Tobacco products, herbals and other illicit substances like crack, methamphetamine, heroin as well as vap-pens can be used to Shadow Smoke. Shadow smoking is a way a user attempts to conserve his or her stash by limiting the people they use with or may entirely isolate themselves to use their drugs by their lonesome.
-Darius:"That nigga Tiberius looks like a mothafuckin' stoner, but I ain't never copped any cash from him for a bag and you know We ain't see em' at the creek or shed parties; Fucks' wrong with that nigga?"
-Thema:"Nigga would you shut the fuck up wichyo big ass mouth and shit. That lil' nigga Tiberius is on some other junt; mothafucka' betta swerve around me with his triflin' ass and stay in his own damn lane. He's probably a shadow smoker huh? He look like he ain't get no sun or pussy in months. Nigga need to get out and smoke a fuckin blunt on the corner with us sometime.
-Darius:"The fuck did you just get done smokin'? This oblong lookin punk ain't comin' near me and my stash. Nigga, I just picked up a fuckin' Oz. of some OG Kush last night and these buds is almost gone cuz I been smokin up too many of my trill niggas. Ain't got 'nuff danks to smoke up all of Downtown Minneapolis bitch! I'm out.
-Thelma:"Aye nigga where the fuck you goin' thought we was smokin' up?"
-Darius:"Bitch swerve! Get a fuckin' job insteada bein' a hoe and make yo ass some real paper; and quit smokin' up all of mine. I'm dippin' to the crib and turnin into a mothafuckin' Shadow smoker cuz it's hard times and a niggas always gotta have his buds before his bitches. And I'm damn sure I ain't kickin' it wichyo stupid ass no more, Deuces.
by Abominabledrfibes January 29, 2014
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