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The definition of shaeup is a south slang word that was created by me in dallas texas , the definition is wearing shades (typical the relly dark ones) on with an i dont give a fuck attitude ..even if its dark outside you will wear em because if u are
"1 deep" (or roll alone) with this you are showing that you prefer being in the dark than cum out the light ..because the lihgt is were all the haters be at is were the ignorant motherfuckers hang in were all the hoes are..
if u are from texas and u listen to trae , z-ro etc you will know what im talkin about.
I was in my crib chillin thinkin about how there are too many haters in this world ..and as soon it was dark outside i shadeup and got in to ma slab and rolled alone and went to kick it with my real freinds..drink smoke party wutever ...
by dtown_mexplex May 17, 2008
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