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The great one and creator of everything. Leader of Vaxians and the one that owns the great secrets of the kok. Those worthy of his greatness will be enlightned with the great power of teetz. Carlos "Alphinho" Duca and Zach "Saintinho" Weyde are said to be his right hands, yes he has two, boons.
zoteisemoirl: <-- see im emo irl
sacin: kok soyt tytys
novakeen: boon u a disgrace to shaboon
psy: ye plz leave now
alpha: wtk sons
by alphinho August 08, 2008
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similar to "chooon" or tune. used when in a club/at friends house and a song comes on that you like.
eg #1

*DJ puts on "American Dream" by Children of the Corn*
Me/Friends: "FUCKING SHABOON!!! BO! BO! BO!"

eg #2

man: "That new Elton John song is a fuckin shaboon!"
brummie friend: "werd up ma cuzza"
by GANGSTA March 06, 2004
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