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Cloths or sneakers that are obviously fake, are not original
Someone who has fake jordans or fake sneakers that he got from the Ali g spot.... or someone who has fusia jeans or brooklyn express lol... or if you have on lrg namebrand and the tag says fruit of the loom thats shaboob...or ifyou have a locoste with 3 buttons oh man lol.... so people betta start jean checkin niggas and dnt let them get away with shaboobs (like pondy with his raptors and cardinals)
by Thomas75 September 02, 2007
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A violent human who likes to bully people while at the same time being a hypebeast and managing to cut people's asses for no reason all at once.
Your such a fucking shaboob.
Stop sucking dick for money shaboob.
by Guiermo v2 February 06, 2017
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