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n.- when you accidentally see/hear someone engaged in sex or sexual activity and are so freaked and/or grossed out that you get away as fast as you can, but are left frozen by the absurdity of the situation and can only say 'ohmygodohmygod' when people ask you what is wrong.
"Abby and I were overcome by sexual paralysis when we walked in on Mike and his lady getting busy in the living room"
by wordsrundry November 09, 2007
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n -The submissive action of surrendering to a sexual advance by exhibiting an enjoyable paralysis-like or trancive state of concentration and obedience.

This state of being can be experienced in a contemplative silence or minute verbal expressions of delight ranging from quiet moans to verbal acknowledgments directed towards the aggressor's inquiries/commands.
The warm wave of sexual paralysis engulfed her body as she quietly complied to him softly whispering, " be a good girl and spread your legs."
by Geotis August 19, 2011
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