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1. A situation in which one member of a couple is failing to meet the other's sexual needs.

2. A state of mind in which a spouse or significant other refuses to accept all evidence that their mate is being unfaithful.
1. Although Bonnie continually fought with her husband about their lack of sufficient sexual contact, Mike refused to acknowledge that Bonnie had a more powerful sex drive than he did, and that he needed to try harder to satisfy her. He continued to leave Bonnie in a frustrated state of sexual denial.

2. Even though several of Mike's female friends warned him that there was "only one reason" why his hot young blue-eyed wife would want to go to a popular predatory pick up bar alone, Mike refused to believe them, and kept letting Bonnie go there. Later, when Bonnie confessed and he found out that his friends had been right, Mike finally had to face the truth that his darling had been getting the sex she craved in passionate Friday night couplings with the handsome strangers she hooked up with. And Mike was forced to admit that he had made it all possible, even acting as Bonnie's enabler, by remaining cocooned in his self-created fantasy world of sexual denial, while she went out.
by July41944 August 01, 2009
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