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When somebody mixes the cum of two or more men in her/his mouth. Blended semen of two separate me inside one same mouth. The product of separate cums combined into one inside a mouth.
"Sexual Yogurting" = the act of mixing two different cums from two or more men in one's mouth.
Dean- "Hey Alicia, look who I brought. Its Julio."
Alicia- "Hi Dean. Hi Julio. What's up?"
Julio- "What's up Alicia. We were thinking about sexual yogurting someone and we thought of you."
Alicia- "I am so ready to sexual yogurt both of you."
Dean- "Sweet! We are going for it again Julio."
Julio- "Oh boy, I'm so exited."
Alicia- "Can I invite Jan, he loves to sexual yogurt too."
Julio- "The more the merrier!"
by Julio Peter December 12, 2016
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