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this is like the bases but more in dept
10 yards is a kiss
20 yards is making out
30 yards is feeling up
40 yards is dry fucking
50 yards is fingering
60 yards is a handjob
70 yards is eating out
80 yards is head
90 yards is titty fucking
100 yards is full blown fucking or sealing the deal
a field goal is a quiky
2 point conversion is anal
an interseption is getting cock blocked
a fumble is u fucking up
a incomplete pass is u tried but got shut down
a rush is going in order
passing is skipping around the yards
dude i was with stacey and ull never beleive how far i went on the sexual football field last night and damn we went 80 yards then then 100 then i slipped it in her ass for a 2 point conversion
by lajsdhfll September 14, 2005
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