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The ability to sense if a person has had a sex change
Dude: Dude, my new girlfriends weird!
Dude 2: Why is that, she's freakin' hot!
Dude: When I met her, my sexdar went off and now i'm thinking why is her armpit unshaved and full of a man?
Dude 2:Dude, she used to be a man!
by OrangeJuiceIsYummy November 01, 2009
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The ability to sense through hearing, that other people are having sex in a nearby space, even when such sounds may be inaudible or easily confused with other sounds.
Scientific studies show that people who haven't had sex in a long time, may develop a sexdar.

"Bro #1: Hey, you hear that dude? Somebody must be having sex around here!
Bro #2: Dude, I don't even hear anythng! You must have a sexdar installed huh?"
by OneAndDone November 13, 2013
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