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Only the best school in the world. All Severna Parkies kick Broadneck ass and the girls are so much hotter and actully have tits you flat chested bitches. So Severna Park High is the best school.
"Severna Park is so much better than Broadneck!"
by dude154 May 05, 2005
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School full of kds who think they arnt spoiled, rich, annoying, and preppy. They really really are. They get raped by many schools in all sprts. Guys act hardcore and say things like "sick brah" and girlshave that bitch please attitude and carry around stupid ass tiny vera bradley backpacks. They arnt even in good conferences, sad pathetic wannabes.
Severna Park just got murderd by Severn and Broadneck in the same week in lacrosse and oh shit! football.
by laxman123456 March 02, 2005
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