What Charlie Sheen bangs and finishes everyday. Because that's how he rolls.
C-Sheen: How many grams is that rock?

Rock Supplier: 3.5.

C-Sheen: Give me two of those.

Rock Supplier: Okay man, if that's how you roll.

C-Sheen: That's how I roll.

And then Charlie banged out that seven gram rock.
by CtownandDown March 10, 2011
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The only type of rocks Charlie Smokes, usually while he has sex with his pornstar wives or 50k Hokker/s
"I was smokin seven gram rocks and finishing them too, cause thats how I roll!"

"I'm high on a drug its called CHARLIE SHEEN!" translation= "I just smoked a bunch of CRACK!"

I'm Immortal Bitches, cause I got the blood of a tiger and D N A of dionysus. I'm Charlie Fucking Sheen!
by BloodofTiger March 10, 2011
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Pulling a Charlie Sheen and doing more drugs than anyone could survive
I dont know, i probably took more than anyone could survive,
I dont know man i was banging seven-gram rocks, thats how i roll, i have one speed, and thats GO
I got tiger blood man. dying is for fools.
by Mjesus March 4, 2011
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An expression used by Charlie Sheen in order to describe the severity of his drug use. Experts are unsure of the actual definition, but many believe that it describes cocaine use.
Dan and I are going to be bangin' seven gram rocks with Dirk on Tuesday, so we won't be able to attend the funeral.
by James Panda March 13, 2011
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