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Sesh minions are usually found desperately trying to start a sesh but are sadly incapable of starting anything worth staying for. They follow around experienced seshers in hope of bargaining for some weed or alcohol, or maybe they just really want to feel included. Most of the time, they are in their early teens, trying to become "cool" or boost their ego. Sometimes, they even try and have seshes which don't involve any drugs or alcohol, they just hang around in one public place for a long time. No one is sure why they're even trying, not even the sesh minions themselves.
Goddammit, Joe. I just wish that sesh minion would get the fuck off my back and stop asking me for weed. He looks twelve and I'm already doing enough illegal shit as it is. C'mon, kid, go hang out in front of a Tesco's or something.
by Communizm April 05, 2017
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