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An action taken by a health care worker or team on a delirious patient that defies a patient's verbally stated wishes at that moment.

From the latin roots "serv" (serve) and "angio" (blood vessels) meaning literally "to serve the blood vessels." This term comes from the fact that while the patient's brain is not being satisfied, his/her medical needs or "blood vessels" are. Blood vessels are named here because the term was originally associated with IVs.
The insertion of this IV is servangio because this patient doesn't want it.

Restraining a delirious patient is an example of servangio.

Nurse, please give her this medicine servangio.

Patient: "I want a drink of water." Nurse: "You have an NPO order. Even if you want it, I cannot give it to you as servangio."
by Blooming Nurse July 25, 2011
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