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This is a new type that people don't really talk about much.

Definition : A Player; is someone who can date or lead on more than 1 person usually while they are already in a relationship and lies about it.

Definition: A Serial Player; is someone who dates or leads on more than 1 person usually while they are already in a relationship and may lie about it but may also not. They keep doing it over and over again but it usually follows a pattern of predictable behavior where the person may want to stop but doesn't know how. Or they may go after people who all have similar characteristics.

The difference between a player and a serial player is that a player doesn't have a pattern in the people they pursue . Regular players will also pursue new interests when they feel like it, or when they can. Serial players may go for example; a year in a relationship without pursuing anyone and suddenly pursue 10 people and maintain all of it. Not because it was the most opportune moment or they were planning on it but because it' become a habit they couldn't escape from that they may actually hate. Whereas regular players don't and are more likely to like or love being a player and also have a better chance of stopping and pursuing a committed relationship. They can understand the thought processes and reasoning behind why they started being a player in the first place aswell as why they stopped. Serial players find this harder to do.
Guy 1: " i love being a player, haha, my girlfriend tried to argue with me about all the girls i get into and i told her 'don't hate the player, hate the game'."
Guy 2: " yeah but one day you'll get tired of all games and pursuing heaps of girls , you better give up on all that stuff before you can't and turn into a serial player."
Guy 1: " A what? There's no way i'll turn into a serial player, i know when to stop and i'll stop when i'm ready"
Guy 2: " Shit, i hope so."
by Siickflow April 22, 2018
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