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A woman who has a sudden onset of symptoms due to the lack of sexual, mental, and emotional intake of a unique individual named "Sergio."

Such symptoms begin with casual comments to attempt to see Sergio again. Progressing to irritation if not being able to engage with Sergio in close periods of time. If unable to satisfy the need for more Sergio the sergebetic will likely lower standands and give up most dignity to survive. Ex., beg for his attention, cry, give guilt trips, be the other woman, and ultimately agree to 3somes. It is best to avoid online dating, going home with this guy on the first date, and having sex sooner than the 6th date. Curvy women with breast larger than DD and/or ass for days should have EXTREME cautuon.

However, if you still have yet to experience earth shattering sex and a man who will always say the right thing ( even if he doesn't always act on it) then Sergio is the way to go.
Ex. 1
Co-worker: "why do you keep checking your phone every ten minutes? I'm talking to you"
Curvy Girl: "because Sergio usually texts me sweet good morning texts."

Co-worker: "you need to have sex with him soon you sergebetic."

Ex. 2
Friend: " hey girl we are all going to cancun for spring break are you coming?"
Girl: "No sergio might want to see me soon and I need to be ready to go over."
Friend: "sergebetic."

Ex. 3
Friend: " I thought you were straight."
Girl: " I am. But sergio has a girlfriend so if I want him I have to sleep with her too."

Friend: " wow, you are a full blown sergebetic for sure!
by betinez June 20, 2014
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