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Sepherin Is a Horror Goth band from Lake Elsinore Ca.
The band was formed in the early year of 2002, and consists
of the following members...

Davey Raven:Lead Vocals and 1st Guitar.
Cleetus Sins:2nd Guitar.
Dr. Nightmare:Bass.
Funk Monster J:Backing vocals and Keyboard.
Aha Evil/Sid Scarecrow(in hiatus):drums.

This Band was originally formed out of pure goth rock until the bands creator, Davey Raven, Came unto the horror punk band The Misfits. Now the band is based on pure hard rock type guitars licks and Melodic singing. The bands Logo is a formation of numbers that represent different things about the band, 13X31.
13, the evil number and also stands for friday the 13th.
31, The day Halloween falls on every year.
The band is based on evil, and horror.
"imagine your alone in the woods in the middle of autumn. Wolfs are crieing distance for their thrist for blood, and all you can see is the full moon, shining down on you exploiting your every move...thats real fear...thats... Sepherin." says front man Davey Raven.
Guy1: hey are you going to the sepherin show this weekend??
Guy2: hell yeah! i heard their playing with Micheal Graves again!!.
by aha evil October 24, 2006
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