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A beautiful male indian name given to those worthy of goddesses and eternal happiness. Most men with the name Senthil are very smart, handsome, and charming. These attributes are not noticed by mortal women though; for they cannot handle someone so close to what is beyond our understanding.
godly sunshine everything
Senthil has a very powerful sounding name!

Wow, Senthil's name sounds god-like.

I don't think Senthil will ever get a girlfriend.
Have you see Senthil's girl? Dang, he is lucky.
by Leslieanaconda September 04, 2016
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Not your average creepy Indian guy from facebook who wants to 'sexi chat u cutei' but a very sweet man that will actually listen to you (and not send dick pics) and give you good advice. His charm and talent usually goes unnoticed by mortal women, but goddesses can sense it and they cannot get enough of Senthil. This is when the goddesses say to Senthil 'plz mssge me cuti, skype mi bby, me luv u long time'
Senthil is so weird, but he gets the hot girls somehow. I don't get it.
by Leslieanaconda September 04, 2016
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