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A parent (or any person really) who is offended by absolutely everything. Like to the point where SuperMarioLogan's entire YouTube channel (It's a great channel you should check it out) was demonitized because sensitive parents thought coloring plush toys green like zombies is innapropriate and a danger to society (We need this to end!) These people naturally hate things like Jeffy or Online games because in their insane minds, these simple everyday things will lead to the ultimate destruction of the universe as we know it.
alsgalskg- "Have you heared of Langlanhna;dh?
hgfgucowet- "ya, he has sensitive parents, they won't let him watch Jeffy for some reason.
alsgalskg- "ik, what an asshole! (The sensitive parent, not langlanhna;dh.)
by jeffyouhouh May 20, 2018
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