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tournament or competition for guys playing rugby. leinster school boys have becoe obssessed with this tournament and winning it is the school year goal of the team and school. school spirit shines almighty bright alround this time of year. teams become obsessed with winning and devote their lives to it and not veryt much else.
this trend can be seen in junior cup rugby also. the guys on the team are the school ledgends for those few weeks and in girls schools it becomes an incentive to "score" the team captain...
girl1:omg, becky u scored john?? as in like totally rocks captain.
girl 2:yah i did. heard you got off with micheals captain.
girl1: yeah but apparently theyt dont have much chance of winning the S so i think im going to call it tonight.

boy 1: oh fuck we have that important match in 3 months.
boy 2: ok ok, i can solve this. no smoking drinking or sex until after the cup.. and we train everyday.
boy 3: what about that important exam at the end of the year that determines the rest of our leaves.
Boy 2: we can repeat...
whole team: YEAH. no sex or drugs. lets go train now!!
by joe December 09, 2004
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