Sandra Lee claims that she created this concept that, despite being sound in theory, is ruined and food-RAPED by Aunt Sandy's hideous execution. Using 70% store-bought products (pre-packaged food hight in preservatives sodium and high fructose corn syrup) and 30% fresh (mainly a few veggies, fruits and herbs, thrown together haphazardly). The end result is usually laughably overtly salty, sugary and inedible. Por ejemplo, see Kwanzaa Cake.
Sandra Lee: Hi, I'm Sandra Lee and welcome to Semi-Homemade. I've been cooking and entertaining for YEARS. Today we are going to make a hamburger using burgers purchased from a fast-food joint and doctored up with lettuce, tomatoes and pre-shredded cheese. Keep it sweet, keep it simple, and keep it semi-homemade.

Tarqueesha, watching from home on her flatscreen: Bitch is FAKE, WORD. Tomato soup in lasagna? My Eyetalian dawta-in-law would totally cut this bitch.

Malik (Tarqueesha's second husband): Word, yo? Tangie would hurt this fake white bitch wif her non-cookin' self.
by Mixed Race Kid April 19, 2008
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