When the overall country (Britain) is used to spread the dissapointment or a failure of an individual region (Scotland/Ireland/Wales/but normally England). When regions pick and choose their Britishness to suit them.
When Henman loses a tennis match, it's a sad day for "Britain", not "England", and when Murray wins a match, it's a good day for "Britain" not "Scotland". Perhaps I'm biased (being a scot) but it always seems that way. Selective Britishness! Hah!
by Babelasc Scotland July 3, 2006
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As stated before, a good example of English Selective Britishness is the use of country names in wins/losses in sport (England won, Britain lost/Britain won, Scotland lost)... Yet it works both ways!

For example, in a recent Televised poll, many (NOT all, I'm not generalising!) Scots said they want all ties to be cut from England, to preserve Scottish heritage etc... Yet these same people expect Scottish TV presenters etc. to remain presenting English TV!?
Scotland is currently still part of Britain, hence their own ability to display traits of Selective Britishness... That's not to say England isn't guilty!

Let's keep Britain firmly in place... it means more public holidays for both countries! :D
by gratedraindrop February 21, 2007
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