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Seed Dish
/sēd/ /diSH/

noun: seed dish
plural noun: seed dishes

A seed dish is an item that has been used in the preparation, serving, or eating of a meal that has been left in an untidy state. A seed dish is sufficient in size, auspicious enough in placement and/or part of a large enough collection of dishes to spawn the spontaneous build-up of additional dishes. Dishes placed on or around a seed dish are no longer considered seed dishes.

The person or persons contributing the seed dishes are thus largely responsible for the resulting clutter and disorder caused by the seed dishes. Intense feelings of indolence have been known to cause denial (or actual memory loss in more extreme cases) of any culpability regarding seed dish(es).
Someone left a seed dish on the counter and a giant mess was there the next day
by mynoduespasdeenohw December 16, 2013
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