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Verb, also spelled seducimate.

Used to indicate a seduction so powerful that, upon sight of the seducer, the seducee's breathing will quicken and their speech will fail. Seducers will find it easy to obtain money, goods and services from those they have sedecimated. Sedecimation is difficult to attain; it cannot be learned, merely honed. Sedecimation comes through sheer force of charisma. Other forms of this verb are:

Sedecimated (past tense)
Sedecimating (present tense)
Sedecimation (referring to a present or past act of sedecimating)
The end goal of Tom Cruise's "Seduce and Destroy" seminar is the ability to sedecimate the woman of your choice.

Carey is well versed in the art of sedecimation.
by Archie Pelago May 08, 2007
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