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A man or women that is attractive to look at, but contains the qualities a ratchet/faggot/thirsty/hoe contains:

-follows other ratchets on instagram and likes their photos and may give them their number(with or without a gf/bf)
-uses more than 3 hashtags
-uses both emoticons :), ;), etc. and emojis😊,😉, etc.

- may say ratchet lovey-dovey things (i love my baby boy/girl so much he/she is my world, my everything happy one week to my future husband/wife
- is over the age of 15 and still wears aeropostle/hollister clothes.
- wears ugg boots with leggings
- uses meaningful captions on instagram that has no connection to the picture
- uses over 3 emojis/punctuation marks in a bio/caption
- every photo they take is either a selfie or a mirror picture
- pictures with significant other are only of them kissing
Alex: Woah that guy is so sexy!

Morgan: No he is the guy that gives his numbers to those ratchets on insta....and he has a gf!

Alex: Damnit....he's a secret ratchet
by - al the pickle May 29, 2014
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