A concept well known to most educated countries.
A student is required to study a language different from their mother tongue.
In regions like Europe people speak at least two languages due to extensive utilisation of the second-languauge concept.
Americans on the other hand speak...erm wait...one language?
American person:
"Yo what the dilio, mah man mah man. I speaks them English, yo bro, sup."
"You're like so prep and like so like not cool, duh."

European person:
"Good day, I speak English, French, and German. When my peers and I converse we utilise an extensive vocabulary to express ourselves."
by TheStatesWho? March 12, 2005
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To get out of everything when you are a foreigner
Police: "sir, you were going 100 mph in a 20 mph zone. I need you to take you to custody"
Me: " you know english is my second language, right?"
Police: "oh you are fine then. Have a good day!"

Person 1: "Dude! Why didnt you invite me to the party you threw? I thought I was one of your closer friends!!"
Person 2: "Dude! you know english is my second language, right?"
Person 1: "Oh nevermind then! we are cool!"
by thebeastfrommiddleeast November 12, 2017
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