when someone is using the computer (either while doing stuff with files on his/her desktop or while on myspace) and someone else comes in and tells you to open a bunch of your own stuff just to see what you have/tells you to click on their ex's myspace homepage so they can see what that person is possibly saying about him/her.
1: "hey joe, what are you doing?"
Joe: "usin the computer"
"open that file, now that one, now that one. what's 'my tax payments 97?"
Joe: "stop second hand snooping me, dammit!"

2: "are you on myspace?"
"yeah, why?"
"search (name of ex). I wanna see what he/she said about me"
"no, i'm not gonna second hand snoop for you. Do it yourself."
by obamapproved September 11, 2009
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