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seaycee is a ship between the talented dancing duo Sean Lew and Kaycee Rice. They on world of dance (they’re too good for world of dance) and are literally together all the time and now apparently model and act together, and are shipped by fans. the shipping started in around 2016 when they hung out once and to be honest they’re kinda cute not gonna lie, sean even likes seaycee posts sometimes and has been liking them since 2016

“fRiEnD tHiNgS “- Sean Lew
“Do you ship Seaycee?”
“Of course i do who doesn’t!?”
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by seaycee July 30, 2018
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Seaycee” is the ship name for two extremely talented dancers— Sean Lew and Kaycee Rice. The both of them took part in season 2 of the hit television programme “NBC World Of Dance”, but they were well known in the industry even before that. They have danced in multiple concept videos together. These dance videos are released by them, in hopes of impacting the society in the right way. They claim to be just “best friends” but many fans have been speculating the fact that they are dating. Sean has also gone on to like a few posts about “Seaycee” on Instagram. Their most famous dance videos include— “Wrong Words” which was a duet choreographed by Sean and “Station” which was a piece choreographed by Emmy award winning choreographer Tessandra Chavez. They even taught a partner dance class together. The two of them are also members of Tessandra’s dance community which is called “Unity LA”. They have also gone on to write heartfelt Instagram captions about each other, letting the public know how much they really mean to each other.
“Do you ship seaycee?”
“Duh, who doesn’t?”

“The pieces which seaycee are able to create together are the definitions of true masterpieces and have such an important message behind them.”

Seaycee are soulmates and there’s no point denying it.”
by Shipper234 September 15, 2018
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A name combination of Sean lew and kaycee rice;dynamic duo in the dance industry that competed on world of dance in 2018 and has been featured in many dance videos since. Known to have great chemistry and are apparently just best friends.
Seaycee is real!!!
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by Fanatics October 20, 2018
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