Shore town in south/central New Jersey. Often called "Sleazeside". Full of guidoes, Jersey Girls and Bennies during the summer, but deserted in the winter. People who live within in the surrounding towns go to the beaches here and certainly do NOT under any circumstances call it "going to the shore" or "down the shore".

Its main attraction is the boardwalk where there are a number of trashy bars, trashy clothing stores, arcades, and body piercing stands. There are at least 5 different stores specializing in marijuana paraphenelia, like bongs vaporizers and glass bowls. It is full of bright neon lights and stands that sell expensive and greasy (but good) food. As a result it is a popular place for not only tourists, but stoned young people from surrounding areas.

During the winter the town is nearly dead. The only people who stay are the sketchy homeless and/or drug addicted men who roam the boardwalk and the "locals".

Although most businesses are closed, certain bars, pizzarias, and arcades remain open all year. You can also see surfers in the water all year round when the waves are good, even if there's snow on the ground. On a good day, the streets are lined with their cars.

The cops in Seaside are fascist assholes. And there are ARMIES of them. They're notorious for being young and inexperienced, eager to prove themselves in order to get hired by less shitty towns.
"lets get stoned and go to the boardwalk"
"pt pleasant or seaside heights?"
by jack inthebox October 13, 2005
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